• Name Viktoriya Brovarchuk
  • Location Moscow, Russia


 The joy of realizing your work is incomparable to nothing. When I published ironic cases in my own life experience, and also the webmaster took them, I wished to just fly on the wings of the fantasy. Happiness is when someone needs you. Pleasure is when you're in demand. The disadvantage of the - frailty and oblivion. But beneath the lying stone water doesn't flow and therefore it is simply essential to create. At least not writing anywhere, at least just for no real reason, without any reward for their job. The development of thoughts and outlook of believing is the objective of any culture in whatever indicators it's measured, along with the outcome signal of copywriting with a favorable balance will not wait, even if the author doesn't have a material reward in itself, but merely a means to accomplish professionalism in writing.

 Hi, my name is Viktoriya. I am 34 years of age. I'm a copywriter, you can find more of my posts at I graduated with honors in the university.

 The very first lines of the purchase were imperfect, as well as the responsibility pushed, and the unwillingness to seem narrow and unsuccessful drove the thought to such a framework the thirst for imagination nearly ceased to exist. Printed and provided substance left to be desired, but a trembling sense of awkwardness was defeated by an outburst of willpower. Three days passed one plus it occurred: in the corner of my accounts page my legally gotten cents was flaunting. A strange monster, a peculiar guy, settled for something little yesterday and today he is already making cosmic claims to reside. Therefore, it happened to me: the second post was a failure in all respects and it is impossible to state that intuitively I didn't feel the identical outcome. Self-confidence is unfavorable if it is superfluous and doesn't allow us to summarize the results based on marginal worldviews, but, thank God, there comes the sobering experience of their first errors, which deeply settles down in the memory and doesn't enable them to replicate themselves.

 My very first cash earned through the Web proved to be a big surprise for me personally. Previously, all the time thought of the World Wide Web a middle of entertainment and not a means of earning a profit, so the offer of a friend to combine the nice with useful took using a reasonable share of skepticism. But no one demanded the initial investment rather than to try this direction seemed to me unreasonable. I loved to write since childhood, behind a fiction of matter outlines company wasn't necessary for a very long time was considered among the acquaintances by the individual odd and the huge fantasist. Service of realization of the plans onto copyright, such had the title the specified type of Internet action, picked household ministry, weighing against and for, discovering all new and new debates.

 How are words born? The way to find such expressions, that might be unusually accurate to convey the meaning and could be totally clear to the target group of viewers? The way to pick the best tone and accent? These will be the primary, basis concerns of copyright, and the answer to which may be optimistic of successful performance of the job of the client. Filigree formulations are occasionally born in torments, and the foreigner comes by suggestion like an unexpectedly awakened angel of literature, touching the forehead of the author with his cold hands, removed the odd and unnecessary combinations of phrases. With the era of these illuminations, it becomes less and less, since intellect and experience always withstand the occasion. That's the reason why journalism is the fate of the young generation.